Core Essentials Multivitamin

This might be the smartest multivitamin you will ever find. Not just because of what’s in it but also what’s not in it. Our multivitamin was formulated knowing that you’d be getting 4 other great supplements (like our Immunity Support Formula which is packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin D) so we knew we didn’t need to have those vitamins in our Core Essentials Multivitamin.  This allowed us to put in additional supplements that you’re likely not getting today.

Some supplements are devoted specifically to eye health and vision support. These vision supplements, purchased in bottles, usually include both lutein and zeaxanthin and are often very expensive. We were able to add 25mg of lutein and 5mg of zeaxanthin to our multivitamin giving you not just a multivitamin but one that also delivers vision support on par with the best vision supplements.

Many of the minerals in our multivitamin are also chelated, this makes them more absorbable than many minerals found in other multivitamins. Many people also find chelated minerals are easier to digest. 

You’ll find 18 essential vitamins and minerals in the Planet 3 Core Essentials Multivitamin.

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