What's The Best Time To Take Your Vitamins?

The best time of day to take your vitamins is a question that gets asked a lot. About 72 percent of the people take their vitamins in the morning. With the remaining split between afternoon, about 14 percent and at dinner or later another 14 percent.

Morning seems to be the top option for most people for several reasons. Many find it's easier to stay on track with the habit of taking their vitamins daily by starting in the morning, as later in the day other things or distractions arise. Some also prefer morning as boost to their day and want to avoid stimulating their metabolism or brain function before bedtime. 

Generally it’s good to take them with a bit of food, especially if your stomach can get upset easily. Although, some people have no issues taking them with  a glass or water or their morning coffee. 

For some people, the time of day they take their vitamins may be depend if they are taking other medications.  If you also have other medications, you should talk to your doctor about any supplements you’re taking, even if it’s just a simple multivitamin.

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