See Scott's Thumb - Does Biotin Really Help Fingernails?

Scott Jordan is the founder & CEO of the clothing company SCOTTeVEST. I met Scott about 10 years ago. A few months ago I was telling him about my new company Planet 3 Vitamins. He immediately informed me he’s never been a “vitamin guy", but wanted to hear about the product anyway.

I explained how each vitamin pack contained 5 capsules filled with premium supplements. I mentioned that you’d need to buy 5 to 8 different bottles of vitamins to get the same nutrients that found in each daily pack. The supplements include Vitamin B3 & B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Probiotics, Magnesium, a sustainable Omega-3 Fish oil capsule that doesn’t “taste fishy”, Elderberry, Zinc, Lutein & Zeaxanthin (for the eyes), Biotin (for hair, skin & nails) and other important vitamins & minerals.

Scott was intrigued by the product. He admitted his diet wasn’t the best. I told him that he wasn’t alone and that 90% of us (me included) did not eat enough fruits and vegetables daily. That’s according to a CDC study. The  Planet 3 Vitamin Pack formulation was created using insights from some of the top manufacturers combined with the latest studies and research. 

Scott was still curious but remained a little skeptical. He asked me if there was anything we could do to “prove that the vitamins work.” I knew from previous experience I had received lots of reviews from people claiming they “felt better” or “could tell these are quality vitamins” or “they had more energy.” While it was great to hear people had positive feedback, it was all subjective. We wanted something more concrete. Then an idea popped into my head.

I asked Scott to take a picture of his fingernail. He sent me a picture of his thumb. That was on March 8th. I noticed his thumbnail had deep vertical ridge lines and the nail itself looked dry and dull. I mentioned that one of the capsules within the daily pack contained 5000mcg of biotin. This is a high amount of a water soluble vitamin, meaning your body will eliminate what it doesn’t need. I told him that a key nutrient in virtually every reputable Hair, Skin & Nails formula was biotin. (A NIH/PubMed Study indicated biotin was effective at treating brittle nails, details can be found here. ) Biotin is often marketed to women, but that’s really silly because guys want healthy looking hair, skin and nails probably just as much as women.   

Scott said he wanted to try it for 30 days. I told him in 30 days he’d likely not see much visible change, nails take a while to grow and that it would probably take 90 days. Scott still wanted to give vitamins a chance so he bought a box which contains 30 daily packs. (Note: I did not give him the product, I made him buy one like everyone else. In my mind I was kind of trying to discourage him from buying since he wasn’t a “vitamin guy” and I also wanted him to be able to feel like he could give me honest feedback. If I had given him the product for free, in my mind that might have swayed his opinion. Scott definitely has opinions but I didn’t want to do anything that might cause him to sugarcoat his thoughts on the product. He has received zero compensation for this testimonial.) 

After 30 days Scott said he “felt a more energetic” but didn’t see any change in his nails. I reminded him that any signs of nail improvement would probably take 90 days. He purchased another box. He also commented that taking the vitamin packs each morning was much easier than his previous attempts at taking bottled vitamins. It wasn’t surprising he found it easier. One study showed that people using adherence packing (that’s what vitamin packs are considered by those in the business) are at least 34% more likely to stay on their daily regimen compared to those using bottles. 

After 68 days of taking the Planet 3 Vitamin Packs, Scott was eager to send me another picture of his thumb. It was only 68 days since he first started taking the vitamin packs, not a full 90 days that I had initially suggested but he was happy with the progress he was seeing in his nails and wanted to share. He also reiterated he "just felt better."    

Notice the pronounced, deep ridges in the picture on the left. On the right the ridges are less visible and the nail seems to have an overall smoother and glossy look. The skin itself around the thumb appears less dry and the wrinkles less pronounced. Overall, the thumb on the right just looks prettier in my opinion.  A closer look of his thumbnail.

The two images haven’t had any special photoshop tricks or filters applied. Both pictures were taken outside, but admittedly in different settings.  Scott is happy with the improvements in his nails. He says since he can see visible improvements on the outside of his body, he can only imagine what good things happening inside his body.

By the way, Scott is no longer a vitamin skeptic. He just placed an order for 3 boxes, a 90-day supply. This article has focused on Scott's improvement in nail health. During this little experiment, his hairdresser mentioned that his hair being softer and growing better.*  This is clearly an anecdotal observation and I like to rely on hard research, but thought it was important to pass this comment on and let you be the judge. I welcome a larger sample size than just Scott. If you want to send me a picture of your thumb or other digits we can see what biotin can do for you.  In fact, if you want to participate in this experiment use promo code Biotin3 and you will get $3 off your first box. 

For Scott, the vitamin packs mean a lot more than just improvements to his nails. He say he "feels better overall", he also calls the vitamin packs a  “nutrient insurance policy” in that it helps him fill nutrition gaps when his food choices are not the best.

We get many positive reviews and Scott’s story is just one more.  If you currently take bottled vitamins, consider trying the Planet 3 Vitamin Packs. If you’ve never been a “vitamin person” consider giving our product a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. Our product is manufactured in the USA in FDA inspected, certified GMP facilities. We guarantee satisfaction 100% or your money back.  We don’t have the largest advertising budget, we rely on having happy customers. If you try our vitamin packs and love them, we’d be grateful if you told a friend.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Consult a healthcare provider prior to use if: pregnant, nursing, on medications, have a medical condition or are planning a medical procedure. Stop use and contact a physician if adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children. Store this product in a cool, dry place.

** This is the experience of one guy over a 68 day period. Your experience with biotin, whether it's Planet 3 Vitamin Packs biotin or some other bottled brand of biotin, may be different. 

✝︎ A page has been dedicated to the studies mentioned on this page. You can find these resources at the following link: Science and Research


  • CatLuver …. Your question “Will it make my nails stronger?” If you are deficient it could very well help your hair, skin & nails. Likely it won’t happen overnight as nails take a while to grow. In Scott’s case it, his “before” and “after” pics were more than 60 days apart. How about this…. buy a box and give it a try…there’s a lot more than just Biotin in each daily vitamin pack. If you’re not happy with the product after 30 days, I give you your money back. As a small business, it’s key for me to keep my customers happy.

    Ms. Pac Man -Your’e question “Why don’t we promote the fact that our vitamin packs contain biotin?” We try to let people know that our vitamin packs have Biotin (5000mcg ) but sometimes people don’t see it. One of the challenges of the Planet 3 Vitamin Packs is that there are so many important vitamins in each pack, it’s hard to highlight all of them. I did the math and a person would have to buy between 5 to 8 bottles of vitamins to get a similar amount of nutrients that’s packed into our vitamin packs. And on a pill-for-pill basis it would cost more than $65…vs $29.99 for our daily packs. I’m totally biased but I think we deliver the best quality/premium supplements you can get for a good value.

    Planet 3 Vitamin Packs
  • Will it make my nails stronger?

  • I didn’t look and know that your product had biotin in it. You should let people know because that is an extra reason.

    Ms Pac Man
  • Very interesting article. I’m glad you set expectations. Some people look for ‘miracle cures’ and you were pretty clear that if you see improvements it can take a while. I already take your vitamins otherwise I would also do a before and after picture.

    Jenny Collins
  • My wife has bought hair and nail vitamins before. I never thought about trying them until I read this. I like that you took pictures before and then later.

    Joey J.

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