Improving Your Microbiome: Probiotics, Prebiotics & Digestive Enzymes

We're just starting to understand the relationship between our microbiome and our health. Your microbiome contains beneficial bacteria that lives within your digestive system. It’s believed that a healthy and diverse microbiome has been linked to less depression, GI illnesses, and autoimmune conditions.  

Eating foods with probiotics, things like yogurt or fermented  sauerkraut, kefir &  tempeh as well as eating foods like bananas, garlic and onions that contain prebiotics could contribute to a healthy microbiome.

If you're not eating ample amounts of foods with probiotics, taking a high-quality supplement may also help support a healthy microbiome.  In each Planet 3 Daily Vitamin Pack you’ll find our Probiotics Blend containing more than 10 Billion colony forming units (CFU).  Each pack also contains the trademarked ingredient DigeSEB. This is a complete enzyme blend designed for healthy digestion.

Enzymes are essential for proper digestion, and digestion is critical to our health. Digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, etc., not only affect our lifestyles, but also can lead to chronic illnesses.

Our bodies produce a finite amount of enzymes, and as we age, most people produce fewer and fewer enzymes. Fewer enzymes means poorer digestion, leading us to gain fewer nutrients and less energy from food. Further, food intolerances, overeating and poor lifestyle choices can result in digestive disorders.

Supplementing the body’s natural enzyme production with a digestive enzyme blend promotes digestion and the effective absorption of nutrients. Unlike antacids or some prescription drugs, DigeSEB doesn’t just neutralize stomach acid or slow the digestive process, it helps address the causes for digestive discomfort.

Our premium vitamin packs make it easy to fill gaps in your nutrition and make it easy for you to add important probiotics & enzymes to your daily nutrition.


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