Planet 3 Vitamin Packs: 5 Times more Vitamin C, Twice the Vitamin D

Your average multivitamin contains just 60mg of Vitamin C and between 400IU to 1,000IU of Vitamin D.  Planet 3 Vitamin Packs contain 300mg of Vitamin C, five times more than the average multivitamin. Each daily vitamin pack also contain 2,000IU of Vitamin D, at least twice as much as the average multivitamin. 
Why does the average multivitamin contain such small quantities of these key nutrients? Multivitamin manufacturers have to cut corners to fit as many different nutrients into one tablet. If they loaded up their multivitamin with greater amounts of nutrients the pill would be so big you couldn't swallow it.
There's 5 capsules in each premium daily pack. This allows us to provide a wide spectrum of nutrients and give you greater amounts of these key nutrients. A single multivitamin just can't compare to a well-formulated vitamin pack.
Most people are confused about which vitamins to take when they walk down the vitamin aisle. We've done the homework for you and provide a wide spectrum of key nutrients to help fill gaps in your nutrition. 

If you're currently taking a vitamins and haven't tried our premium daily vitamin packs, save $3 with code: Planet3
Once you've tried our packs, you'll never go back to bottled vitamins again. We make taking vitamins easy.
Repeat Customers, buy 3 boxes (a 90-day supply) and save $10 with code: 90DAY
It cost us less to ship you 3 boxes at a time, so we like to pass that savings along to you.
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  • I looked at my multivitamin and it only had 40mg of Vitamin C. Once I get close to running out I’m going to buy your vitamins.

  • Glad I made the switch.


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