Mild Rant: 6 Reasons I Hate Bottled Vitamins

Each year we buy millions of bottles of vitamins. I’m a big believer in vitamins, I take them everyday. I love vitamins but I hate bottled vitamins. Here’s a mild rant with 6 reasons I feel this way.

    1. I hate clutter. Maybe you feel the same way. I regularly take 3 to 5 different supplements. Those vitamin bottles take up so much space and clutter. The assorted bottles that I had purchased over the years filled the entire cupboard in the kitchen. I got so sick of seeing all those bottles in the cupboard, I thought I would be smart to move my “favorite ones” into the bathroom. That was even worse as they took up all of my counter space. I always wanted a way in which my vitamins were all neatly organized and fit into a small space. 

    2. Always running out of different bottles at different times. It always sucked to reach for a bottle and find it empty. Especially when the other bottles still had pills. That always happens since the different bottles were all different sizes. This meant that I would either make a special trip to the store or more likely, end up skipping taking that important vitamin until I got around to going to the store or making placing another order online. I always wanted a way to synchronize the vitamins I take and easily know how much I had at any time. 
    3. Doing Homework Takes Time. Taking a bunch of different bottled vitamins meant I had to do a bunch of homework to make sure the supplements went well together. A lot of folks don’t realize that when they take different bottled vitamins they may be creating a “vitamin cocktail” that doesn’t go well together.  For example, when you combine a bunch of different bottled vitamins it’s important to make sure you’re not consuming too many fat soluble vitamins. If you take too much water soluble vitamins, your body will usually just eliminate the nutrients you don’t need.  Fat soluble vitamins are different, they are stored in the body. If you take too much fat soluble supplements, it can have a negative impact.  A quality vitamin pack, like each Planet 3 Vitamin Pack, has a balance of both fat soluble & water soluble supplements. We’ve done the homework to provide a smart formulation that can help fill the gaps in your nutrition. 
    4. Bottled vitamins can be expensive. If you’re taking several different vitamins, you can easily be spending $50, $60, $120 or more a month on vitamins. Take a look at your current vitamin bottles and add up how much each one costs. Getting the extra nutrients your body needs is important, but so is getting good value for your money. Each Planet 3  Vitamin Pack contains premium supplements manufactured here in the USA in FDA inspected, certified GMP facilities. A box of 30 vitamin packs is less than a dollar a day. We work directly with quality manufacturers and ship directly to you. We pass those savings onto you as well.
    5. Sticky vitamins and vitamin powder.  Have you ever had a bottle of soft gel vitamins and they all get stuck together? You have to turn the bottle upside down and pound on it to get them to unstick and come out. Have you ever turned a big bottle of vitamin tablets upside down to get a pill out and have some vitamin powder fall from the bottom of the bottle onto the counter or floor? I hate when this happens. This doesn’t happen with vitamin packs. 
    6. Going on a trip? Whether you’re traveling for business or for vacation, packing a bunch of bottles can quickly fill up your suitcase. With vitamin packs, it’s so convenient. You can just grab the packs and go. Taking vitamins has never been so easy.
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