Fitness Coach Dawn Andrade Has 3 Tips For A Healthier 2022

Dawn Andrade, fitness coach at Superior Athletic Club shares 3 tips for a healthier you in 2022

  • Reduce alcoholic beverages and find yummy mocktails you can put in your fancy glasses and share with friends. 
  • Go outside! Even if it’s cloudy out you can still get much needed vitamin D. 
  • Don’t ever give up! At some point during the year you will “fall off the wagon" and not hit your daily goals. Don't let that discourage you, you will have that treat or drinks with friends. Start back up tomorrow.

Dawn is also a Planet 3 Vitamin Packs customer.  She says the vitamin packs are a great way to help her fill gaps in her nutrition.  You too can try Planet 3 Vitamin Packs & save $5 when you use code: Superior5


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