Customer Questions June 2022

Are the Planet 3 Vitamin Packs designed for women or men?
This is one of the most popular questions we get. Our formulation contains premium supplements designed to meet the needs of both women and men. We know that men and women are different, but we also acknowledge that both sexes can benefit from a core group of nutrients. You’ll find a wide spectrum of key nutrients in each daily pack. For those of us without the “perfect diet” our daily vitamin packs help fill gaps in nutrition.

I’m going on a beach vacation to Mexico in July. How many vitamin packs should I take?
First of all, hope you have a great vacation in Mexico. It’s hard to say how many vitamin packs you’ll need.  Basically we recommend taking one vitamin pack for each day you’re on vacation. So if you’re going on vacation for 6 days, take 6 vitamin packs. Now if you’re going with someone else or a group of people, you might want to take extras. Imagine yourself eating breakfast at the resort restaurant and someone sees you taking your Planet 3 Vitamin Packs and asks you about them, it would be handy to have extra packs with you. Everyone loves someone who shares.

Are your vitamin packs dairy and gluten free?
Yes they are both gluten & dairy free. They are not vegetarian since they contain omega-3 fish oil that is sustainably sourced from cold ocean waters. 

Can you provide more information about your fish oil?
Our Omega-3 fish oil is high quality and sourced from sustainable ocean waters. It carries the “Certified Sustainable Seafood” seal from the Marine Stewardship Council ( Each capsule is also enteric coated which provides two benefits. The first benefit of enteric coating is that the capsule dissolves further down the digestive system which allows the intestines and your body to better absorb the important nutrients provided by the omega-3 fish oil. A second benefit of enteric coating is that the capsule doesn't have a "fishy" taste or smell. We have also formulated our Sustainable & Wild Omega-3 Fish Oil capsule with a small amount of natural lemon oil to further reduce any chances of you ever "tasting" the fish oil.

Does this product have iron in it? I can’t do iron!
Great question & you will be happy to learn this formulation contains ZERO iron. While some people, often younger pre-menopausal women, may need iron supplemention, most people do not take an iron supplement.  For those who do take iron supplements, please make sure that any supplements with iron are kept away from children as it can be dangerous if they get too much. Again, our product contains ZERO iron, so we hope you give our premium daily vitamin packs a try.

I’m not convinced I need to take vitamins. Why should I take them?
We never want to “convince” people to take vitamins. 90 percent of us don’t eat enough fruits & vegetables weekly. 80 percent of us don’t eat enough oil fish weekly. Most of us don’t have “perfect” diets. For those of us who are looking for a way to fill gaps in nutrition, our Planet 3 Vitamin Packs are a great solution. Some folks who are deficient in key nutrients tell us they feel great, others say they have more energy and some folks say they can’t tell any difference. We don’t make promises that you’ll feel better but we can promise that if you add our premium vitamin packs to your daily routine you will be getting more vital nutrients into your body. I had one customer tell me he eats well but continues to take our vitamin packs because he sees it as a “little insurance policy” he’s getting extra nutrients. Whether you try our vitamins or not, we hope you have an awesome week ahead.

I really enjoy seeing pictures of all those people pictured with the vitamin packs. Would you like for me to send you a picture and if so, where would I send it?
Great to hear you enjoy the customer pictures. We are grateful for every picture sent to us. It’s one thing to read a review, but seeing people with our premium Planet 3 Vitamin Packs is worth a thousand words….and YES, please do send us a picture of you with the vitamin packs. Our best source of marketing comes from our customers.  Send any pictures or feedback to    Have an awesome day.

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