Supersized and 25% Bigger, The Bama Offensive Line


They are the unsung heroes. They rarely get recognized for blasting holes through the defensive line or protecting the quarterback by the casual fan, but those in the know understand and appreciate the importance of a stout and powerful offensive line….and today’s offensive line is bigger and stronger than ever. 

Looking at the 2021 offensive line and comparing them to the lineman of 1991, 30 years ago, there’s a big difference. How much bigger? How about 67 pounds bigger. 

Today's potential starters (led by 6 foot-7 inch, 360 pound 3rd year starter Evan Neal) and comparing them to the starting line for the 1991 team, the average weight difference is astounding. The starting o-lineman on that 1991 team had an average weight of 261 pounds. Today's potential starters weigh an average of 328 pounds.   

Overall today’s o-line is on average 43 pounds heavier than the o-linemen on the 1991 team. The average offensive lineman back in 1991 tipped the scales at 267 pounds, while today's crew is at 310 pounds. 

With advanced training and better nutrition, today’s athletes are bigger and stronger.  This is no knock on those athletes on the 1991 team.  They had a darn good team.  They finished with an 11-1 record under coach Gene Stallings, ending the season with a 30-25 victory over Colorado in the Blockbuster Bowl and a final ranking of #5 in the nation.  

Offensive lineman are big, yet often go unnoticed. This year’s team is focused on repeating as National Champions and if they do achieve that goal, make sure to thank those unsung heroes in the trenches. 
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