Bama's Best Backs: Who's Your Favorite?



Bama’s biggest back? Derrick Henry. Bama’s back with the most yards? Najee Harris. Bama’s back with the most carries? Shaun Alexander. A school with such a rich tradition has had so many great running backs over the years, it's tough to name them all.  Each of the Crimson Tide running backs listed below has contributed greatly to the team and to numerous victories.

The best thing about a question like “who’s your favorite back?” is that there isn’t a wrong answer.  There’s a lot of different ways you can measure “who’s the best?”  Some things you can’t measure: Toughness, Determination, Grit.   Sometimes a player can be your favorite for something that’s just memorable to you… a favorite play or block downfield that allowed someone else to get to the end zone.  Sometimes a player becomes a favorite not for the things they do on the football field but off the field. 

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