Customer Question: Do I Still Need To Take Vitamin D in the Summer?

As summer's warm rays invite us outdoors, you might wonder if you still need your vitamin D supplements. Sunshine is a key source of vitamin D, but several factors can affect how much you actually get. For instance, those living in northern latitudes, using sunscreen, or spending most of their time indoors might still fall short on vitamin D.

Certain individuals, such as older adults, people with darker skin tones, and those with specific health conditions, are at higher risk of deficiency. Even in summer, diet alone often isn't enough to meet your vitamin D needs, making supplements an essential part of your routine.

Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, immune function, and mood. Summer activities can increase your body's demands, making consistent supplementation beneficial. Maintaining a year-round supplement habit ensures you don't face fluctuations in your vitamin D levels due to varying sun exposure.

Continuing your vitamin D supplementation in summer supports your overall well-being. Planet 3 Vitamin Packs contain 2,000IU of Vitamin D, helping to maintain optimal levels. If you're really concerned, check with your healthcare practitioner or get your vitamin D levels checked. So, while enjoying the summer sun, keep up with your supplements to stay healthy and active all year.

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